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Product Description



1.The head and the tail of the bed are made of ABS molding.

2.Equipped with advanced touch screen switch.

3.The bed is made of phenolic resin plate, which can be used for X-ray.

4.The back of bed is mounted with a hidden weighing sensor.

5.Anti-pinch separated ABS guardrail,equipped with embedded touch screen.

6.Three independent electric column connected the frame and bed surface equipped nurse controller.

7.Equipped ABS dust cover and foot controller in bottom bracket.

8.Equipped with four central control casters at diameter 150mm.

9.Eight function:backrest,leg curl,lifting, weighing,front-back tilt,electric control,lateral tilt and X-ray.

10.Back panel angle: 0-70°; Leg Angle:0-35°;

Height adjustment:0-400mm;Front-back tilt:0-12°; Lateral tilt:0-20°

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